Preparation of modified polyvinyl formal vibration-damping material and its application in strawberry.


Zhang Y(1), Mu H(1), Gao H(1), Chen H(1), Wu W(1), Han Y(1), Fang X(1), Tong C(1).
Author information:
(1)Key Laboratory of Post-Harvest Handing of Fruits, Key Laboratory of Fruits and Vegetables Postharvest and Processing Technology Research of Zhejiang Province, Key Laboratory of Postharvest Preservation and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables, China National Light Industry, Food Science Institute, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hangzhou, China.


Mechanical damage and microbial infestation were critical issues during strawberry transportation. This study prepared a modified polyvinyl formal (PVFM) vibration-damping material and investigated its application in strawberry transportation. This modified PVFM was primarily composed of polyvinyl alcohol, starch, formaldehyde, and allyl isothiocyanate. Our results showed that the modified PVFM had good vibration-damping and antifungal properties with 0.137 g/m3 of density, a water absorption ratio value of 6.24, 278 Pa of tensile strength, 3.86 Pa of elastic modulus, a buffer coefficient of 0.318, and antifungal rates of 68.8% and 80.6% against Bacillus anthracis and Botrytis cinerea, respectively. Moreover, this modified PVFM could enhance the storage life of strawberry by improving PAL activity from 376 to 3,125 U/g, inhibiting POD activity with a maximum value of 3.1 U/g, and decreasing CAT activity from 324 to 35 U/g. The modified PVFM presented a good vibration-damping capacity and the potential to extend strawberry shelf life. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Berry fruits were vulnerable to mechanical damage caused by vibration during transportation, resulting in quality deterioration, rot, and aging. In this study, modified polyvinyl formal (PVFM) was prepared and was of low density and displayed good mechanical, vibration-damping, and antifungal properties. The modified PVFM could improve the storage life of strawberry. Thus, the modified PVFM could have potential application in berry fruits transportation.