Pulmonary pathologic alterations associated with biopsy inserted hydrogel plugs.


Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2582. Electronic address: [Email]


The prevention of pneumothorax after percutaneous lung biopsy is a major patient safety concern. The insertion of hydrogel plugs into biopsy sites to mitigate this complication is a new intervention. The histology of the plug has not been previously reported, and in this study the histologic reaction is reported in 13 cases. The hydrogel plug forms a spherical basophilic matrix pool with an adjacent foreign body giant cell reaction and patchy eosinophilia. No extension to the pleural surface is present. The potential diagnostic errors related to the presence of the plug are discussed.


Hydrogel plug,Lung biopsy,Pneumothorax,