RISUG® based improved intrauterine contraceptive device (IIUCD) could impart protective effects against development of endometrial cancer.


Jadavpur University, School of Bio-Science and Engineering, Kolkata, West Bengal 700098, India. Electronic address: [Email]


Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices with multifaceted application potential is a need of an hour. Although, copper-based IUDs exert an effective contraceptive as well as anticancer effects in a long-term basis, but also results in multiple complications. In this regard, RISUG® a polymer based contraceptive device has been introduced as a suitable alternative. However, its potential to impart protective effects against development of endometrial cancer still remains unexplored. This article presents the hypothesis on this unexplored domain and provides scientific facts to support the hypothesis. The mechanism of anticancerous activity is hypothesized that RISUG® involves its lipid membrane destabilizing activity. This activity is modulated by both, the cellular microenvironment and lipid bilayer composition. Acidic environment along with the significantly higher fluidic nature of lipid bilayer of the cancerous cells make them more prone to lipid solubilisation effect of RISUG®. We here present an in-depth insight into the factors that would favour faster solubilisation of cancer cell membrane, thereby exerting an anticancer effect.


Intrauterine contraceptive device,Lipid membrane,RISUG®,Uterine carcinoma,

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