Real time monitoring of glucose in whole blood by smartphone.


ECsens., Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Campus Fuentenueva, University of Granada, 18071, Spain; Unit of Excellence in Chemistry applied to Biomedicine and the Environment of the University of Granada, Faculty of Sciences, Campus Fuentenueva, University of Granada, 18071, Spain. Electronic address: [Email]


A combined thread-paper microfluidic device (μTPAD) is presented for the determination of glucose in blood. The device is designed to include all the analytical operations needed: red blood cell separation, conditioning, enzymatic recognition, and colorimetric transduction. The signal is captured with a smartphone or tablet working in video mode and processed by custom Android-based software in real-time. The automatic detection of the region of interest on the thread allows for the use of either initial rate or equilibrium signal as analytical parameters. The time needed for analysis is 12 s using initial rate, and 100 s using the equilibrium measurement with a LOD of 48 μM and 12 μM, respectively, and a precision around 7%. The μTPAD allows a rapid determination of glucose in real samples using only 3 μL of whole blood.


Glucose determination,Reaction rate,Smartphone,Thread-paper microfluidic device,Whole blood,