Reduced graphene-oxide filter system for removing filterable and condensable particulate matter from source.


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Incheon National University, Incheon, 22012, South Korea. Electronic address: [Email]


Air pollution is one of the most serious problems facing mankind because of its impact on ecosystems and human beings. Although particulate matter (PM) consists of both filterable PM (FPM) and condensable PM (CPM), most research has focused on eliminating only FPM. In this work, we introduce a filter system that removes both FPM and CPM from pollution source with high efficiency. The system consists of two reduced graphene oxide (rGO) filters and a condenser between them that can remove the usual FPM and at the same time CPM-induced FPM that typically leaves the pollution source unabated. The filters, quite effective in removing the PM with their three-dimensional structure, retain the removal capability even at high temperature and in acidic condition that prevail at the pollution source. The proposed rGO system could provide a complete solution for removal of both FPM and CPM from the pollution source.


Air pollution,Condensable PM,Pollution source,Reduced graphene oxide filter,Thermal and acid resistance,

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