Reinke's Edema.


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Reinke's edema (RE) is the polypoid degeneration of one or both vocal folds within Reinke's space. The viscoelastic properties of the mucosal folds are characteristically altered by the expansion of the subepithelial space. Most frequently, patients present with dysphonia, with women being more affected than men. The primary risk factor is tobacco use. Voice overuse and laryngopharyngeal reflux are also considered to be contributory. Although RE shares the same primary risk factor as malignancy, the risk of malignancy is low, and dysplasia is found only in 0% to 3% of cases. Treatment is focused on decrease of risk factors, such as implementation of smoking cessation, voice therapy, and reflux control. Surgical techniques aim to decrease redundant polypoid mucosa in order to improve voice and restore the glottic airway. Recurrence of RE is high.


Dysplasia,Dyspnea,Microflap techiniques,Reinke's edema,Reinke's space,Smoking cessation,