Religious and Spiritual Aspects in the Construction of Identity Modelized as a Constellation.


Faculty of Theology and Sciences of Religions, Institute of Social Sciences of Religions, University of Lausanne, Quartier Unil-Chamberonne, Bâtiment Anthropole, CH - 1015, Lausanne, Switzerland. [Email]


This paper makes a case for an integrative approach to the field of psychology of religion and spirituality. Rather than relying upon or choosing one approach or theory to the detriment of all others, one can identify the construction of psychological identity, modelized as a constellation, as one of several possible « points of connection » serving as work site for the convergence, synthesis and exchange among the vast and rich variety of concepts, measures, theories and methods extant in the field. This work of integration can stimulate, and enrich our perceptions of the multiple dimensions, levels and valences of religion and spirituality.


Multidimensional model,Psychological identity,Religion,Spirituality,