Scoliosis imaging: An analysis of radiation risk in the CT scan projection radiograph and a comparison with projection radiography and EOS.


College of Applied Medical Sciences, Taibah University, Medina, 42353, Saudi Arabia; School of Health Sciences, University of Salford, Salford, M5 4WT, United Kingdom. Electronic address: [Email]


Scoliosis is defined as a deformity of the spine with lateral curvature in the coronal plane. It requires regular X-ray imaging to monitor the progress of the disorder, therefore scoliotic patients are frequently exposed to radiation. It is important to lower the risk from these exposures for young patients. The aim of this work is to compare organ dose (OD) values resulting from Scan Projection Radiograph (SPR) mode in CT against projection radiography and EOS® imaging system when assessing scoliosis.


CT,Dose measurements,EOS,Radiation protection,Scoliosis,TLD,

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