Selective Gas-Phase Mass Tagging via Ion/Molecule Reactions Combined with Single Analyzer Neutral Loss Scans to Probe Pharmaceutical Mixtures.


Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 47907, USA. [Email]


We have demonstrated the use of a simple single ion trap mass spectrometer to identify classes of compounds as well as individual components in complex mixtures. First, a neutral reagent was used to mass tag oxygen-containing analytes using a gas-phase ion/molecule reaction. Then, a neutral loss scan was used to indicate the carboxylic acids. The lack of unit mass selectivity in the neutral loss scan required subsequent product ion scans to confirm the presence and identity of the individual carboxylic acids. The neutral loss scan technique reduced the number of data-dependent MS/MS scans required to confirm identification of signals as protonated carboxylic acids. The method was demonstrated on neat mixtures of standard carboxylic acids as well as on solutions of relevant pharmaceutical tablets and may be generalizable to other ion/molecule reactions.


Carboxylic acid,Ion/molecule reaction,Linear ion trap,Neutral loss scan,

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