Sleep and brain morphological changes in the eighth decade of life.


Brain Research Imaging Centre, Division of Neuroimaging Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK; Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK; Scottish Imaging Network, A Platform for Scientific Excellence (SINAPSE), UK; UK Dementia Research Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK. Electronic address: [Email]


Sleep is important for brain health. We analysed associations between usual sleep habits and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) markers of neurodegeneration (brain atrophy), vascular damage (white matter hyperintensities, WMH) and waste clearance (perivascular spaces, PVS) in older community-dwelling adults.


Ageing,Brain atrophy,Cerebrovascular disease,Magnetic resonance imaging,Perivascular spaces,Sleep,

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