Spinal Meningiomas Prognostic Evaluation Score (SPES): predicting the neurological outcomes in spinal meningioma surgery.


NESMOS Department Neurosurgery Department, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. [Email]


Among many factors leading to a worse functional prognosis in spinal meningioma (SM) surgery, in a previous study, we recognized anterior/anterolateral axial topography, sphincter involvement at first evaluation, surgery performed on a recurrence, and worse preoperative functional status. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the cumulative weight of these factors on prognosis through a multinomial logistic regression model performed on an original evaluation scale designed by the authors on the ground of the experience of the neurosurgical departments of our University. The original SM database composed of 173 cases was classified in regard to sex, age, symptoms, axial and sagittal location, Simpson grade resection, and functional pre/postoperative status. Fine presurgical and follow-up reevaluations were available. The authors propose a scale (Spinal Meningiomas Prognostic Evaluation Score (SPES)) of preoperative evaluation to assess the surgery-related risk of neurological worsening experienced by the patients included in the present cohort. The authors describe a strong statistical association between the SPES and the follow-up Frankel and McCormick scores (r = - 460 and .441, p .001, both). Through a univariate ANOVA analysis, we disclosed that patients presenting scores 2 and 3 had a significantly higher association to lesser Frankel and McCormick postoperative scores, in respect to patients presenting SPES scores 0-1 (univariate ANOVA, p .008 and .011). Anterior or anterolateral axial location, operating on a recurrence of SM, sphincter involvement, and worse functional grade at onset present, along with the SPES scores are fairly predictive and reliable in respect to the long-term results of patients suffering from SM.


Extramedullary,Intradural,Meningioma,Multinomial logistic regression,Spinal cord,