Surgical management and outcomes of cardiac and great vessels echinococcosis: a 16-year experience.


Department of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery - Sahloul University Hospital - Sousse - Tunisia. Electronic address: [Email]


BACKGROUND : Cardiac involvement is an uncommon presentation of hydatid disease. In this study, we aim to analyze the experience of surgical treatment of cardiac and great vessels echinococcosis in our cardiovascular and thoracic surgery department.
METHODS : Through a 16-year period, from 2000 to 2015, 27 patients underwent surgery for cardiac and great vessels hydatid disease. The clinical, operative and post operative data were analyzed through this retrospective and descriptive study.
RESULTS : Most of our patients came from a rural area. The most common symptom was chest pain. The diagnosis was mainly made by transthoracic echocardiography that has shown the right ventricle as the most frequent location of the disease. All patients received surgical treatment under cardiopulmonary bypass, and only 6 surgeries were performed without cross-clamping the aorta. In hospital mortality rate was 7.4%.
CONCLUSIONS : Cardiac hydatidosis is a rare but potentially serious condition whose treatment is mainly surgical even in asymptomatic patients due to its possible fatal complications. The surgery outcomes are usually satisfactory. The follow-up examinations are highly recommended in order to detect recurrences.


cardiac surgery,cardiopulmonary bypass,great vessels,hydatid disease,

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