Synthesis of Graphene Oxide Based Sponges and Their Study as Sorbents for Sample Preparation of Cow Milk Prior to HPLC Determination of Sulfonamides.


Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR-541 24 Thessaloniki, Greece. [Email]


In the present study, a novel, simple, and fast sample preparation technique is described for the determination of four sulfonamides (SAs), namely Sulfathiazole (STZ), sulfamethizole (SMT), sulfadiazine (SDZ), and sulfanilamide (SN) in cow milk prior to HPLC. This method takes advantage of a novel material that combines the extractive properties of graphene oxide (GO) and the known properties of common polyurethane sponge (PU) and that makes sample preparation easy, fast, cheap and efficient. The PU-GO sponge was prepared by an easy and fast procedure and was characterized with FTIR spectroscopy. After the preparation of the sorbent material, a specific extraction protocol was optimized and combined with HPLC-UV determination could be applied for the sensitive analysis of trace SAs in milk. The proposed method showed good linearity while the coefficients of determination (R2) were found to be high (0.991-0.998). Accuracy observed was within the range 90.2-112.1% and precision was less than 12.5%. Limit of quantification for all analytes in milk was 50 μg kg-1. Furthermore, the PU-GO sponge as sorbent material offered a very clean extract, since no matrix effect was observed.


HPLC,graphene oxide,milk,sponge,sulfonamides,