The CFI score: Validation of a new comprehensive severity scoring system for facial injuries.


Maxillofacial Surgery Unit, Emergency Department, ASST-GOM Niguarda, Niguarda Hospital, Piazza Ospedale Maggiore 3, 20162, Milan, Italy. Electronic address: [Email]


At the time of writing there is no measuring scale for the severity of facial trauma that can effectively summarize its clinical relevance, and can therefore be proposed as a definitive tool in trauma center decision making. This paper introduces a new, simple, comprehensive, and reproducible score for facial trauma, in which its severity is expressed in relation to the surgical duration necessary for definitive treatment. This parameter is identified as the most significant in expressing the commitment of care required. Statistical validation of this comprehensive facial injury (CFI) score involved a sample of 1050 patients, treated by the same team in two highly specialized trauma centers. It demonstrated a linear regression between CFI score and surgical duration, and a high degree of accuracy in forecasting overall surgical time for each type of facial injury. The descriptive capacity of CFI score, and its extremely simple use, make it a perfect tool for widespread application and for facilitating communication inside trauma centers. It also allows the classification of homogeneous groups of patients - a prerequisite for benchmarking and effective analysis of results. The CFI model is definitively proposed for the classification of facial injuries, and therefore for the integration of maxillofacial skills, within the trauma team.


Facial fracture classification,Facial injury severity score,Facial trauma scale,