The Effects of Precursor C₂H₂ Fraction on Microstructure and Properties of Amorphous Carbon Composite Films Containing Si and Ag Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering Deposition.


School of Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Ganzhou 341000, China. [Email]


Hydrogenated graphite-like carbon composite films containing silicon (Si) and silver (Ag) (g-C:H:Si:Ag) were prepared by middle frequency magnetron sputtering deposition in argon (Ar) and acetylene (C₂H₂) mixture gases. The effects of precursor C₂H₂ fraction on the microstructure and properties were studied. The results of Raman and X-ray photoelectron spectroscope (XPS) revealed that the films were dominated by sp² carbon sites. It was observed from transmission electron microscope (TEM) that the films contained nanoparticles mainly consisting of Ag, and their size increased with the decrease in the C₂H₂ fraction. Si was also found to aggregate in the areas where Ag nanoparticles formed in films with high Si content. The comparative studies on the frictional behaviors of films sliding against aluminum oxide were carried out in ambient air and saline solution. The g-C:H:Si:Ag films still exhibited outstanding frictional properties even when the test environment shifts from ambient air to saline solution.


amorphous carbon,low friction,mechanical properties,nanoparticles,tribological behaviors,

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