Transcriptome analysis of porcine immature oocytes and surrounding cumulus cells after vitrification and in vitro maturation.


Yunnan Provincial Engineering Laboratory of Animal Genetic Resource Conservation and Germplasm Enhancement, Yunnan Animal Science and Veterinary Institute, Kunming, Yunnan, 650224, People's Republic of China. Electronic address: [Email]


Cryopreservation impairs oocyte quality, which may be associated with abnormal gene expression. Currently, alteration of mRNA levels in vitrified porcine oocytes has not been well characterized. The aim of this study was to analyze transcriptome profiles with RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) in porcine immature oocytes and their surrounding cumulus cells (CCs) after vitrification and in vitro maturation (IVM). There were 19 upregulated and 18 downregulated genes differentially expressed in vitrified oocytes, with no significant GO enrichment or KEGG pathway identified for these genes. In addition, CCs derived from vitrified oocytes had 40 significantly upregulated and 100 significantly downregulated genes. In total, 7 GO terms were significantly enriched in molecular function and biological process, and only MAPK signaling pathway reached significant enrichment based on KEGG analysis. Moreover, selected differentially expressed genes had similar expression patterns through comparison between results from qRT-PCR and RNA-Seq. In conclusion, our data provided detailed information on mRNA transcriptomes in porcine immature oocytes and CCs after vitrification and IVM, which offered now insights regarding reduced developmental potential of the vitrified oocytes.


Cumulus cells,Oocytes,Pig,Transcriptome,Vitrification,

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