Treatment of forearm diaphyseal defect by distraction compression bone transport and continued distraction for radial head reduction: A case study.


Bone Infection Clinic, Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics, 6, M. Ulianovast., Kurgan 640014, Russian Federation. Electronic address: [Email]


Treatment of infected forearm nonunion and defects represents a difficult task for the operating surgeons. Conventional methods like composite and vascularized fibular grafts and the induced membranes filled with cancellous autografts or the Masquelet technique have been reported to be useful and successful, but sometimes it is difficult to predict the outcome and cannot address simultaneous deformities or the need to apply gradual distraction for reduction of a chronically dislocated radial head. Ilizarov technique has an answer for such conditions. We report a 43 years old man with infected ulnar defect and dislocated radial head as a result of infected Monteggia fracture: the patient was successfully treated by Ilizarov bone transport after failed attempts by bone spacer and fibular graft.


Bone transport,Distraction histogenesis,Forearm defects,Ilizarov technique,Monteggia's fracture,

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