Alma Hernández

Alma Hernández

Designation:   Senior Research

Contact Information:   Instituto Español de Oceanografía - CO de Gijón Avda. Príncipe de Asturias 70bis 33212 - Gijón (Spain)

Area Of Interest

Probiotics and aquaculture


I am Graduate in Chemistry Science (speciality Biochemistry) and in Environmental Sciences and I achieved a PhD in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, with the work titled “Lactococcin 972: genetic characterization, mode of action and production optimization in bioreactors” (sobresaliente cum laude). This scientific research was presented in a total of 8 Conferences (4 of the International). In 2005, after completing my PhD, I started to work as technician at the Institute of Dairy Products (IPLA-CSIC) for 3 years. During this time, I was in charge of the Chromatography Service, participating in 3 research projects. In 2007, I started to work as technician at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, in the Oceanographic Center of Gijón. During this period, I participated in 11 oceanographic surveys, and in 11 research projects. In 2013, after joining the position of researcher, I began to work in the Investigation Group “Use of probiotics and vaccines in aquaculture”, whithin the research line "isolation and study of bacteria of marine origin for their use as probiotics in aquaculture".