Ana G. Gutiérre

Ana G. Gutiérre

Designation:   Researcher

Contact Information:   Dr. Luis Castelazo s/n. Industrial Animas. C.P. 91100. Xalapa, Ver. Mexico. Instituto de Neuroetología. Lab. Neurofarmacología. Universidad Veracruzana.

Area Of Interest

Behavioral Neuroscience


Ana Gloria Gutiérrez-García is a Researcher at the Institute of Neuroethology (Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico), Professor of Psychobiology at the Psychology school (Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico), and member of the National Researchers System (México). Dr. Gutiérrez-García is Psychologist and Doctor in Neurosciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Her field of expertise covers the study of emotions, affective disorders, formation of affects and pheromones, mixing behavioral and ethological issues from a neurobiological approach.