Article Processing Charges


Instead of charging users a fee to read the content, Sift Desk Journals charge an Article Processing Fee (APC) from authors, institutions or funders for each article publication. APC covers the entire cost of the publication process including peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining & archiving, and allows immediate access to the full text versions of the research articles.

Unlike other open access publishers who have very high price for open access publishing, Sift Desk Journals set very small APC in order to ensure that everyone including authors/students from developing countries can afford publications without financial constraint. In order to reduce the burden on authors regarding their publication fee, two publication choices are proposed to our authors.

For Online Publication

APC for Online Publication : $175

For Online Publication with Print

We understand that many authors prefer to get printed copy of the journal issue in which they publish. Sometimes they require printed copies to promote their published research through their university or public libraries and shared to their peers. Sift Desk Journals is always willing to provide ONE (1) complimentary copy to primary author free of charge however author is required to pay the courier charges of an extra amount of $75.

APC for Online & Print Publication: $350


An amount of $100 must be paid by author in order to remove OAS information and its file from our database and web server to ensure that unpublished article is not shared publicly under open access.

Withdrawal Fee : $100


If an authors would like their article to be published open access, but cannot afford these fees, then individual waiver requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and may be granted in cases of genuine need. However author must send request to Sift Desk Journals for full or partial waiver of APC prior to submitting the paper.

Waiver Policies

  • Author must submit the waiver request prior to paper submission.
  • Sift Desk Journals has the rights to approve or reject the waiver request depending upon the case and policies.
  • Submitting the paper first and then requesting for waiver for APC at later stage is not allowed. If author do so, the submission is considered as OAS.
  • Author must understand that his submission will be considered as OAS if waiver application is not approved by Sift Desk Journals and that the withdrawal charges must be paid in order to remove the paper from our system.

For waiver request, please send an email to We discuss each waiver request and inform the final decision within a week time

We publish articles under Creative Common License (CC-BY) that ensure that all published papers are immediately and permanently available online for everyone, worldwide.
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