Modeling and simulation of heating, cooling and ventilation systems to optimize the microclimate management of the greenhouse by fuzzy logic controller


Didi Faouzi , N. Benmoussa, N. Bibi-Triki, A. Bouhdjar, A. Abène


Didi Faouzi, Modeling and simulation of heating, cooling and ventilation systems to optimize the microclimate management of the greenhouse by fuzzy logic controller(-0001)SDRP Journal of Computer Science 1(1)


Air conditioning is the technique of modifying, controlling and regulating climatic conditions, it is a mode of thermal comfort adapted when the temperature outside the agricultural greenhouse is high. In summer and in off-season, the need for air conditioning is due to external inputs (solar in particular) but also to the internal contributions of the greenhouse. It brings the thermal comfort of summer, inter seasons, but also in winter by using the same system to heat the greenhouse. Comfort in hygrometry is also taken into account to provide an ambient humidity controlled by moistening and dehumidification actions. Air conditioning is essentially a heat pump of a size suitable for use. Thanks to better control of the internal atmosphere of the greenhouse, we can obtain a better yield from our plantations, better quality, more quantity and uniformity in our crops, as well as a strong presence and strength in the national market and international. In Algeria, greenhouse cultivation is undergoing significant development. To meet an increasingly competitive market and conditioned by increasingly stringent quality standards, "Greenhouse" production systems (heating and air-conditioning systems) Become considerably sophisticated and then disproportionately expensive. That is why locks who want to remain competitive must optimize their investment by controlling production conditions. The aim of our work is to model heating and air conditioning systems whose goal of heating and cooling the air inside our model and implemented in our application of climate control are due to the fuzzy logic that Has the role of optimizing the cost of the energy supplied using MATLAB software.
Keywords: Optimization, Modelling, Simulation, Heater systems, Intelligent control, Fuzzy logic, Greenhouse, Cooling pads.


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