Journal of Chemical Engineering And Bioanalytical Chemistry(JCEBC)

Editor In Chief

Dr. Abbas Ghassemi,Ph.D.

Professor Chemical Engineering & Director , Institute for Energy and the Environment/WERC, New Mexico State University, 1060 Frenger Mall, ECIII, Suite 300 S.


  • JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING & BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY is scholarly open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, monthly and fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in Chemical Engineering, Analytical & Bioanalytical chemistry

    The journal aims to maintain a rapid editorial procedure and a rigorous peer-review system. The submitted articles are peer-reviewed within approximately 15 days of submission and the accepted articles are published on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions.

    The Journal accepts all kind of papers such as original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc.

    Sift Desk is using editorial managerial system for a quality review process. It is for submitting manuscript, review and tracking system. Authors can submit Manuscripts, track their progress and can communicate with editor using our tracking system.

  • • Bioanalysis
    • Biocatalysis And Biotransformation
    • Biochemistry
    • Biochips
    • Bioengineering
    • Bioinformatics
    • Bioinorganic Chemistry
    • Biomedical Optics
    • Biosensors
    • Clinical Analysis
    • Environmental Analysis
    • Forensic Science
    • Synthetic Biology
    • Synthetic Biomolecules
    • 3d Plant design
    • Catalysis & Reaction Engineering
    • Chemical Engineer
    • Chemical Engineering Educational Challenges And Development
    • Chemical Engineering Equipment Design And Process Design
    • Chemical Industry And Market Analysis
    • Chemical Process
    • Chemical Reaction
    • Chemical Reaction Engineering
    • Chemical Reactors
    • Chemical Safety Technology
    • Chemical Technology
    • Corrosion
    • Crystallization
    • Distillation Design
    • Distillation, Absorption And Extraction
    • Electrochemical
    • Feed
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Heat transfer
    • Industrial Chemistry
    • Inorganic Chemical Technology
    • Interfacial & Colloidal Phenomena
    • Ionic Liquids/Electrolyte Solutions
    • Mass transfer and equilibrium stages
    • Membrane Separation
    • Membranes And Membrane Science
    • Microelectronic
    • Microfluidics
    • Multifase Flows
    • Operations involving particular solids
    • Particulate Systems
    • Physical, Theoretical And Computational Chemistry
    • Polymerization
    • Process design
    • Process Modeling
    • Process Systems Transport
    • Rheology
    • Statistical Mechanics
    • Thermodynamics
    • Transport Phenomena In Porous/Granular Media
    • Unit operations
We publish articles under Creative Common License (CC-BY) that ensure that all published papers are immediately and permanently available online for everyone, worldwide.
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