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Ofori-Danson, P.K., Nunoo, F.K.E., Idowu, R.T, and Tayib, Y.




A Fish-based Index of Biotic Integrity (FIBI) was applied to assess the biotic health of two small, tropical West African reservoirs at the Kpong and Oyun reservoirs in Ghana and Nigeria respectively between September, 2014 and August, 2016. The study aims to evaluate the index’s response to changes in environmental quality of the two reservoirs. Twelve metrics were selected for the FIBI in three categories: (i). Species richness and composition; (ii). Trophic composition and (iii). Fish abundance and condition. The FIBI was found to be appropriate for the biotic assessment on basis of its sensitivity to non-source perturbations in the two reservoirs. The expected IBI decrease at the impacted station held true only for Kpong reservoir but slightly increased for Oyun, signifying better biotic quality at the latter than the former. By comparison, the FIBI indicated the Oyun reservoir to be in the good class of index classification while the Kpong reservoir fell in the fair class. Further studies to prove the veracity of the FIBI in other tropical freshwater bodies are recommended to enhance its application in future biotic assessments.


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