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Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Circular and Diamond Pillared Vane Disc Brake Rotor Using CFD


RAJESH, Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Circular and Diamond Pillared Vane Disc Brake Rotor Using CFD(2018)SDRP Journal of Nanotechnology & Material Science 1(1)


In the present work, an attempt is made to study the effect of vane-shape rotor on the flow-field and heat transfer characteristics for different configurations of vanes for different running speeds using commercial CFD tool. Two types of rotor configurations circular pillared (CP) and diamond pillared radial vane (DP) were considered for the numerical analysis. A rotor segment of 20° was considered for the numerical analysis due to rotational symmetry. The pre processing is carried out with the help of CFD and analysis is carried out using ANSYS. The governing equations namely conservation of mass, momentum and energy are solved for the analysis. The predicted results are validated by the experimental studies available in the literature. The mass flow rate, heat dissipated by the circular pillared vanes are compared with the diamond pillared vanes. The heat dissipation rate through the diamond pillared vanes is more uniform at higher speeds.


Keywords CFD, Circular Pillared Vane, Diamond Pillared Vane, Vane Shape.


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