SDRP Journal of Nanotechnology & Material Science

ISSN: 2574-1888


Page No: 13-16

Synthesis and Optical Properties of Ethynylene-linked Trisporphyrins


Kazuya Ogawa, Synthesis and Optical Properties of Ethynylene-linked Trisporphyrins(2018)SDRP Journal Of Nanotechnology & Material Science 1(1)


Ethynylene-linked trisporphyrin having aryl substituents was synthesized using Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction. This compound exhibited a large effective two-photon absorption cross section value of 2.2 × 104 GM at 890 nm measured by using a nanosecond Z-scan method, which was almost twice as long as those of the Soret band. The value was 3 times larger than that obtained for trisporphyrin having alkyl groups.


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