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Inter Professional Education highly appreciated but resource demanding


Nilver B*., Wallingstam C#., Jakobsson JG¤.


jan jakobsson, Inter Professional Education highly appreciated but resource demanding(2016)SDRP Journal Of Anesthesia & Surgery 1(1)


We have developed an interprofessional program for training of hands-on medical skills and interprofessional collaboration and communication in perioperative care for medical students and junior staff members. It has been implemented without jeopardizing patient safety or theatre turnaround times. We have evaluated the curriculum by a questionnaire including a modified version of RIPLS graded 1 to 10. In all 352 students, 142 medical students, 80 nurse students, 87 nurses having specialist training, and 43 junior doctors has taken part in the education program and responded to the evaluation questionnaire. The confidence in their professional role increased in average 1.5 out of 10 and their understanding of the other team members’ roles and tasksincreased by in average 1.8 with no significant difference between student groups. The program was overall assessed as highly appreciated in average 9.5; highest among nurse students 9.7 followed by nurses having their special education training 9.6 and medical students and junior doctors both 9.4. The curriculum is resource demanding but highly appreciated among students and junior staff members. We believe that early interprofessional training improve medical staff understanding for the importance of collaboration and transferral of critical information in order to improving safe patient perioperative care.

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