Geohazards assessment in longwall coal mining using monitored seismic events


Satar Mahdevari, Geohazards assessment in longwall coal mining using monitored seismic events(2017)SDRP Journal of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies 2(1)


This research was conducted to focus on geohazards usually occurred in underground mining environment especially in longwall coal mining. Typical geohazards which encounter during mining and need to be identified ahead of time include rockburst, coalburst and coal/gas outburst – all of which may have a crucial impact on mining operations and personnel safety. The risk of such geohazards due to rock failure is significant at the area around the active faces and adjacent tunnels. For this purpose, the seismic events result from rock failures surrounding the mine structures were monitored, recorded and analyzed to identify and delineate such geohazards. In order to assess the risk of seismic geohazards in a burst-prone coal mine, the moment tensor inversion technique was employed. The results show that mining-induced seismic events can provide useful information with regard to imminent geohazards ahead of time. The proposed approach based on the moment tensor inversion is a reliable technique to estimate seismic moment tensor, and consequently to control or mange such geohazards in advance of disaster.

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