Prevalent Remediation Technologies for Organic Contaminants


Moustafa Gamal Snousy, Thanaa Abdel-Moghny, El-Sayed, E.


Moustafa Gamal Snousy, Prevalent Remediation Technologies for Organic Contaminants(2017)SDRP Journal of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies 2(1)


Any chemical spill that may affect the surrounding ecosystems must be remediated quickly and efficiently to minimize possible contamination. When the problem of groundwater pollution began to be discovered, the initial approach to remediation assumed that most of contamination was in the soil at the site of the spill; from where it was reasoned that the contaminated soil could be treated, and contaminated water. Various physical, chemical, biological, and their combined (i.e. Physico-chemical, thermal) technologies have been attempted to remediate or remove the pollutants from soils and groundwater or to reduce the contamination to a safe and acceptable level. There are several methods used for the clean-up of contaminated soils and groundwater, combination of processes (treatment trains) may offer the most effective remediation and easily to applied where soils and groundwater were contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons.

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