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Radon Awareness Among Palestinian Population in the Southern Part of West Bank - Palestine


Khalil M. Thabayneh, Inad M. Nawajah, Ahmad A. Ighraib


Khalil M. Thabayneh, Radon Awareness Among Palestinian Population in the Southern Part of West Bank - Palestine(2015)SDRP Journal of Earth Sciences & Environmental Studies 1(1)


Between February and March 2015, a radon awareness survey was conducted to measure general awareness and factual knowledge about some characteristics and health hazards of radon among residents in the southern part of West Bank - Palestine. Radon awareness among people is important for monitoring its level in their residential houses to reduce the risk of adverse health effects. Furthermore, radon awareness among the public would support and facilitate researchers working for such surveys during the field work. Questionnaire data consisted of knowledge and risk perception items about radon. A total number of 550 participants responded to the questionnaires. The questionnaire was distributed randomly to people in the region, and completed and returned directly. The survey found that 67.5% of 157 respondents' males and 88.8%of 348 respondents females had heard of radon, but only 17.8% of males and 87.4% of females were knowledgeably as radon is harmful. With regard to radon testing, a small percentage of respondents who were aware of radon had their homes tested. The percentage of respondents who were aware or knowledgeably aware of radon increased with increasing education level. Awareness females in radon properties and its health effects in most questions is more than males. This study provides preliminary evidence that the residents in the area under investigation do not know much their risk of radon exposure or the deleterious consequences of exposure.


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