[Adolescents' preferences regarding health care].


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Adolescents underutilize health services, especially for monitoring purposes, which represents a concern for professionals. Since adolescence is a crucial phase in acquiring healthy behaviors and attitudes that facilitate access to these services, finding ways to respond to the specific needs of adolescents through their participation is an important investment in the well-being of future generations. This is an exploratory, descriptive and qualitative study with two phases, seeking to identify and analyze adolescents' ideas and preferences about healthcare. Eight group interviews were conducted with 64 adolescents aged 13 to 18 years: four focus groups (phase 1) and four nominal groups (phase 2). The data was submitted to content analysis. The adolescents revealed both favorable and unfavorable opinions, highlighting a set of preferences regarding service conditions, such as short waiting periods, more comfortable and less crowded settings. Concerning the professionals' attitudes, they emphasized their technical competencies, such as knowledge and experience, although combined with interpersonal skills. These findings support the need for changes in organizational practices, and particularly in the attitudes of the professionals.

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