[Cataract surgery in children with non-infectious uveitis: Review of current practices in France].


Service d'ophtalmologie, CHU de Bordeaux, place Amélie-Raba-Léon, 33000 Bordeaux, France. Electronic address: [Email]


OBJECTIVE : To evaluate the medical-surgical management of cataract surgery in children with chronic uveitis in various French pediatric ophthalmology centers.
METHODS : Two-part study: first, a descriptive observational segment on the evaluation of French practices. A questionnaire was sent to the various pediatric ophthalmologists in France. A second retrospective chart review, including children with non-infectious chronic uveitis who had cataract surgery in the pediatric ophthalmology department of Bordeaux University Hospital from 2008 to 2017.
RESULTS : Twenty-one ophthalmologists responded to the questionnaire. Only 23.8% systematically initiated immunosuppressive drugs (aside from corticosteroids) before surgery. A total of 88.2% prescribed oral corticosteroid treatment preoperatively. Eleven surgeons administered intravenous corticosteroid boluses during the surgery, and primary lens implantation is the most common method used in 95.2%. A total of 76.2% initiated oral steroid therapy after surgery. Postoperatively, all surgeons started local therapy with high-dose corticosteroids. At one year, 100% achieved improvement of visual acuity greater than or equal to 2 lines. On our service, 10 eyes (7 children) underwent cataract surgery. Seven were treated with systemic immunosuppressive drugs (aside from corticosteroids) and 80% of cases received oral corticosteroid therapy a few days before surgery. An intravenous corticosteroid bolus was administered preoperatively in 8 cases, and primary lens implantation was performed in 100% of cases. Postoperatively, 5 children received oral corticosteroid treatment. All were treated with local high dose steroids. At one year, the mean best-corrected visual acuity was 0.18 LogMar (0-0.7, SD: 0.25).
CONCLUSIONS : When performed with an aggressive anti-inflammatory protocol, cataract surgery leads to a good visual outcome in selected children with chronic uveitis.


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