[Organic and psychiatric intricacy: The complex psychiatric disorder concept, paraclinical investigations].


Sorbonne université, Paris Univ-06, Paris, service de psychiatrie et de psychologie médicale, hôpital Saint-Antoine, 75012, Paris, France. Electronic address: [Email]


The purpose of this article is to describe complex psychiatric disorders, to recall "minimal classical" explorations in psychiatry, to describe the concept of "complex psychiatric disorders" and to propose a systematized method of exploration. Some organic diseases are well known for their links with psychiatric disorders (manic syndrome and hyperthyroidism, depressive syndrome and corticotropic insufficiency, anxiety disorder and heart disease, etc.). Many other neurological, autoimmune, metabolic, paraneoplastic or endocrine pathologies can have essentially psycho-behavioral manifestations before being neurological or systemic. A large number of factors (nutritional, toxic, immunological, etc.), often ignored, influence the links between organicity and psychiatric pathologies. It is necessary to optimize the medical management of these patients in whom the psychiatric diagnosis masks a curable organo-psychiatric cause.