[Recommendations for the care of the umbilical cord in the newborn].


José Luis Leante Castellanos


Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía, Cartagena, España. Electronic address: [Email]


The care of the umbilical cord until its detachment still remains controversial. The latest updated recommendations by the World Health Organisation advocate dry cord care in those countries with adequate obstetric care and low neonatal mortality rate. In recent years, new studies and reviews attribute some benefit to applying chlorhexidine on the umbilical stump. An analysis is presented here of the available evidence and results in the advisability of still recommending the dry cord care in the newborns in our setting.


Chlorhexidine,Clorhexidina,Cordón umbilical,Mortalidad neonatal,Neonatal mortality,Omphalitis,Onfalitis,Sepsis,Umbilical cord,