[Treatment of necrosis of Achilles tendon without tendon reconstruction: About four cases].


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BACKGROUND : Management of the combined loss of Achilles tendon and skin is difficult. However, these are not exceptional situations after Achilles tendon surgery. Data from the literature are extensive and there is currently no consensus on the technique of tendon reconstruction.
METHODS : We report four cases of purulent necrosis of the Achilles tendon complicating longitudinal incision or suturing of a tendon rupture. After debridement of necrotic tissue, the defect was covered either by a fasciocutaneous perforating flap or a thin skin graft without reconstruction of the underlying tendon.
CONCLUSIONS : The functional results are very satisfactory with good joint mobilities and a resumption of walking without lameness for all patients. Fibrosis can reconstitute a true neo-tendon confirmed on MRI. The advantages are many compared to other methods: a single operating time is necessary, the postoperative management is simple and it avoids certain technical difficulties related to tendon reconstruction. A larger series would be needed to support these results.


Achilles tendon,Greffe de peau,Lambeau perforant,Perforator flap,Perte de substance tendineuse,Skin graft,Tendon defect,Tendon d’Achille,

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