A Comparative Assessment of Nanotoxicity Induced by Metal (Silver, Nickel) and Metal Oxide (Cobalt, Chromium) Nanoparticles in Labeo rohita.


Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Science, Lahore College for Women University, Jail Road Lahore 54000, Pakistan. [Email]


In the present in vivo study, we provide a comparison of toxicological consequences induced by four different types of spherical nanoparticles (NPs)-silver nanoparticles (AgNPs, 40 ± 6 nm), nickel (NiNPs, 43 ± 6 nm), cobalt oxide (Co₃O₄NPs, 60 ± 6 nm), and chromium oxide (Cr₃O₄NPs, 50 ± 5 nm)-on freshwater fish Labeo rohita. Fish were exposed to NPs (25 mg/L) for 21 days. We observed a NPs type-dependent toxicity in fish. An altered behavior showing signs of stress and a substantial reduction in total leukocyte count was noticed in all NP-treated groups. A low total erythrocyte count in all NP-treated fish except for Co₃O₄NPs was discerned while a low survival rate in the case of Cr₃O₄NP-treated fish was observed. A significant decrease in growth and hemoglobin were noticed in NiNP- and Cr₃O₄NP-treated fish. A considerable total protein elevation was detected in NiNP-, Co₃O₄NP-, and Cr₃O₄NP-treated groups. An upgrading in albumin level was witnessed in Co₃O₄NP- and Cr₃O₄NP-treated groups while a high level of globulin was noted in NiNP- and Co₃O₄NP-exposed groups. In all NP-treated groups, a depleted activity of antioxidative enzymes and pathological lesions in liver and kidney were noticed.


Labeo rohita,biomolecules,nanoparticles,nanotoxicity,sub-chronic exposure,

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