A Grammar of Praxis: an Exposé of "A New Logical Foundation for Psychology", a Few Additions, and Replies to Alaric Kohler and Alexander Poddiakov.


Niels Bohr Professorship Centre for Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark. [Email]


Taking departure in the author's recent book "A New Logical Foundation for Psychology" the paper proposes a solution to the long-standing so-called crisis in psychology. The causes to this crisis are above all found in a ruling reductionist and mathematically supported mechanistic understanding of nature with roots in European Renaissance, and following that, of man's embedment in nature. This leaves no place for non-mechanistic relations to unique and irreplaceable persons and objects defining the human psyche or soul, and fundamental phenomena as love and grief are consequently not understood. No humanistic superstructure of language or systems of signs and concepts can repair this loss of a vital dimension in basic human practical relations to the world. However, it is just in modern mathematics and mathematical logic, that the reductions of mechanicism are surmounted, at the same time leaving a place for mechanicism within a broader conceptual frame and defining a rich practical basis for understanding the role of language and human concepts. The wider perspectives comprise a new union of natural and human sciences. Finally the paper presents replies to two important commentaries to the author's abovementioned book.


Affection,Axiom of choice,Axiomatic method,Cognition,Dualism,General psychology,Mathematical logic,Mechanicism,Sense categories and choice categories,Theory of sets,Topology,

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