A Novel Curriculum to Facilitate Career Choice in an Accelerated Medical Education Program.


Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, Medical College of Wisconsin-Central Wisconsin, Wausau, Wisconsin, [Email]


BACKGROUND : Various specialties face the challenge of resident attrition. Trainees may withdraw due to several factors, including lack of adequate exposure to the specialty prior to joining the program. Making career choices becomes more challenging and stressful for students in an accelerated curriculum.
METHODS : The authors created and piloted a novel early clinical course: Specialty Longitudinal Integrated Clinical Experience (SPLICE), which provides an opportunity for clinical enrichment and early career exploration in an accelerated medical education program.
RESULTS : Initial evaluation by student and faculty demonstrate the curriculum's feasibility and acceptability.
CONCLUSIONS : Further implementation of the curriculum and long-term assessment is needed to determine its impact on career decisions and residency retention.

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