A Recombinant Enolase-Montanide™ PetGel A Vaccine Promotes a Protective Th1 Immune Response against a Highly Virulent Sporothrix schenckii by Toluene Exposure.


Department of Clinical Analysis, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, São Paulo State University (UNESP), Araraquara 14800-903, SP, Brazil. [Email]


The effect of vaccination in fungal strains that suffered changes in their virulence by exposure to environmental contaminants is largely known. Growing reports of resistance to antifungal drugs and the emergence of new highly virulent strains, possibly acquired in the environment, prompt the design of new vaccines able to prevent and combat emerging mycotic diseases. In this study, we evaluated the protective capacity of an enolase-based vaccine and Montanide PetGel A (PGA) as an adjuvant against S. schenckii with increased virulence by exposure to toluene. The adjuvanted vaccine induced a strong specific Th1 response and protective immunity against a challenge with either wildtype or toluene-adapted S. schenckii in Balb/c mice. This study highlights the role of the adjuvant PGA driving the quality of the anti-sporothrix immunity and the key component in the vaccine efficacy.


Montanide PetGel A,Sporothrix schenckii,adjuvants,enolase,toluene,vaccine,virulence,

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