A Silicon Photonic Data Link with a Monolithic Erbium-Doped Laser.


Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA. [Email]


To meet the increasing demand for data communication bandwidth and overcome the limits of electrical interconnects, silicon photonic technology has been extensively studied, with various photonics devices and optical links being demonstrated. All of the optical data links previously demonstrated have used either heterogeneously integrated lasers or external laser sources. This work presents the first silicon photonic data link using a monolithic rare-earth-ion-doped laser, a silicon microdisk modulator, and a germanium photodetector integrated on a single chip. The fabrication is CMOS compatible, demonstrating data transmission as a proof-of-concept at kHz speed level, and potential data rate of more than 1 Gbps. This work provides a solution for the monolithic integration of laser sources on the silicon photonic platform, which is fully compatible with the CMOS fabrication line, and has potential applications such as free-space communication and integrated LIDAR.

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