A Simple Procedure to Assess Limit of Detection for Multisensor Systems.


Institute of Chemistry, Saint-Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya emb., 7-9-11, 199304 Saint-Petersburg, Russia. [Email]


Currently, there are no established procedures for limit of detection (LOD) evaluation in multisensor system studies, which complicates their correct comparison with other analytical techniques and hinders further development of the method. In this study we propose a simple and visually comprehensible approach for LOD estimation in multisensor analysis. The suggested approach is based on the assessment of evolution of mean relative error values in calibration series with growing analyte concentration. The LOD value is estimated as the concentration starting from which MRE values become stable from sample to sample. This intuitive procedure was successfully tested with a variety of real data from potentiometric multisensor systems.


electronic tongue,first-order multivariate calibration,limit of detection,multisensor systems,potentiometric sensors,

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