A catalogue of Eudóxia M. Froehlich's collection of planarians (Platyhelminthes) with emphasis on type specimens on histological slides.


Karine Gobetti DE Oliveira


Laboratório de Ecologia e Evolução, Escola de Artes Ciências e Humanidades (EACH), Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Av. Arlindo Bettio, 1000, São Paulo, SP, 03828-000, Brazil. [Email]


Leading taxonomist Prof. Eudóxia Maria Froehlich (1929*-2015†) kept an uncatalogued personal collection of a large set of histological glass slides of land planarians. Many of these slides carry insufficient written information for identification purposes. 2287 slides of her collection were examined under the microscope and compared with relevant literature. We found 1633 slides bearing type material of a total of 119 nominal species, mostly collected in the Neotropical region. Identification of 148 slides (belonging to 16 species) as type material is suspected but not confirmed. Type material represents 110 triclad species. There is also type material of two Polycladida, two Rhabdocoela, three Proseriata, one Prolecitophora, and one Acoelomorpha species. The 119 nominal species were described by Ernest Marcus, Eveline du Bois Reymond-Marcus, Diva Diniz Corrêa, Cláudio Gilberto Froehlich, and Eudóxia Maria Froehlich. While keeping the slides in their original location in cupboards, the catalogue provides a quick means of retrieving desired slides. Slides were deposited in the Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo.