A comparative study of different aspects in manipulating ratio spectra used for the analysis of cefradine in the presence of its alkaline degradation product.


Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar University, 11751 Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. Electronic address: [Email]


Six stability-indicating UV-spectrophotometric methods manipulating ratio spectra were utilized for the analysis of cefradine in presence of its alkaline degradate. These methods are different forms of transformations; ratio difference, mean centering, derivative ratio using numerical differentiation, derivative ratio using Savitsky-Golay filter, continuous wavelet transform and derivative continuous wavelet transform. Water was used as a solvent and the linearity ranges were 6-26 μg/mL. Determination of accuracy and precision for the suggested procedures were executed. Assessment of specificity was run through analyzing laboratory prepared mixtures containing cefradine and its alkaline degradate. The suggested methods were useful for cefradine estimation in tablets. Statistically, the outputs obtained from the recommended and published methods reveal no significant differences.


Cefradine,Continuous wavelet transform,Derivative continuous wavelet transform,Derivative ratio,Mean centering,Ratio difference,Savitsky–Golay filter,Spectrophotometry,