A method of smart phone original video identification by using unique compression ratio pattern.


Forensic Image Analysis Laboratory, Incheon, Republic of Korea. Electronic address: [Email]


Due to enhanced camera performance and easy using convenience, most videos are taken and distributed by smart phones. However, smart phone video file as an evidence needs to be verified. We analyzed digital videos with basic information (resolution, shooting time, frame rate, bit depth, sample rate, and so on) and compressed patterns with unique compression algorithm adjusted to certain models. We also classified them based on their original characters. For analysis, we first estimated the virtual data quantity of a real digital video EXIF information without compression. We then analyzed the correlation between real recorded data and virtual data to calculate the original unique compression pattern. We then proposed a technical standard to identify the origin by comparing original compression ratio and remade video's compression ratio through a video editing software.


Digital forensics,Edit video identification,Encoding video,Video compression,Video forensic,

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