A review of bubble break-up.


Department of Physics and Mathematics, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK. Electronic address: [Email]


The coalescence and break-up of bubbles are important steps in many industrial processes. To date, most of the literature has been focussed on the coalescence process which has been studied using high speed cinematographic techniques. However, bubble break-up is equally important and requires further research. This review essentially details the break-up process and initially summarizes the different types of bubble deformation processes which lead to break-up. Break-up is considered in high and low turbulent (pseudo-static) conditions and the effect of fluctuations and shear forces on the break-up is reviewed. Different mechanisms of break-up are discussed including shearing-off, coalescence induced pitching and impact pinching following air entrapment. Also, the influence of bubble size, interfacial stability, and surfactant on break-up are reviewed and a summary of recent experimental techniques presented. Finally, the break-up process which occurs in micro-fluidics is summarized.


Air-water interface,Bubble,Bubble break-up,

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