A window into the early evolutionary history of Cercopithecidae: Late Miocene evidence from Chad, Central Africa.


PALEVOPRIM: Laboratoire de Paléontologie, Evolution, Paléoécosystèmes et Paléoprimatologie, CNRS UMR 7262, Université de Poitiers, 86022 Poitiers cedex, France. Electronic address: [Email]


Central Africa is known as a major center of diversification for extant Old World Monkeys (OWM) and yet has a poorly documented fossil record of monkeys. Here we report a new colobine monkey (Cercopithecoides bruneti sp. nov.) from the Central African hominin-bearing fossiliferous area of Toros-Menalla, Chad at ca. 7 Ma. In addition to filling a gap in the spatial and temporal record of early OWM evolutionary history, we assess the ecomorphological diversity of early OWM by providing evidence on the onset of a folivorous diet and a partial reacquisition of terrestrial locomotor habits among Miocene colobines. We also support the phylogenetic affinities of the genus Cercopithecoides among the stem group of the extant African colobine monkeys.


Adaptive radiation,Cercopithecoides,Colobinae,Ecomorphology,Stem colobini,

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