ABHD15 regulates adipose tissue lipolysis and hepatic lipid accumulation.


Charles Perkins Centre, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, 2006, Australia; Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, 2006, Australia. Electronic address: [Email]


Insulin suppresses adipose tissue lipolysis after a meal, playing a key role in metabolic homeostasis. This is mediated via the kinase Akt and its substrate phosphodiesterase 3B (PDE3B). Once phosphorylated and activated, PDE3B hydrolyses cAMP leading to the inactivation of cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) and suppression of lipolysis. However, several gaps have emerged in this model. Here we investigated the role of the PDE3B-interacting protein, α/β-hydrolase ABHD15 in this process.


Adipocytes,Fatty acid metabolism,Insulin action,Lipolysis,β-adrenergic receptor agonist,