Adaptive fuzzy funnel congestion control for TCP/AQM network.


College of Information Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning 110004, PR China. Electronic address: [Email]


In this paper, a performance constraint control problem is considered for Transmission Control Protocol/Active Queue Management (TCP/AQM) network with external disturbance and input saturation. On the basis of backstepping-like design procedure and fuzzy approximation technique, an adaptive fuzzy controller with prescribed constraint is achieved to ensure that the transient and steady state performances of the tracking errors can be satisfied. The stability analysis proves that all the signals in the closed-loop system are semi-globally, uniformly and ultimately bounded. The simulation results clarify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed approach.


Adaptive fuzzy control,Congestion control,Funnel control,TCP/AQM network,

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