Adjuvant activity of multimolecular complexes based on Glycyrrhiza glabra saponins, lipids, and influenza virus glycoproteins.


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Numerous studies have shown that immunostimulatory complexes containing Quil-A saponin and various antigens are effective in stimulating the immune response and can be used as vaccine preparations for animals and humans. However, Quil-A saponin possesses toxicity and haemolytic activity. In the present work, a saponin-containing preparation named "Glabilox" was isolated from the roots of a Glycyrrhiza glabra L. plant by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The results showed that Glabilox has no toxicity or haemolytic activity and can form stable immunostimulatory complexes. Subcutaneous immunization of mice with an immunostimulating complex containing Glabilox and H7N1 influenza virus antigens stimulated high levels of humoral and cellular immunity. Vaccination of chickens with the same immunostimulating complex protected 100% of the animals after experimental infection with a homologous virus. Comparative studies showed that the immunogenic and protective activity of immunostimulatory complexes containing Quil-A and immunostimulatory complexes containing Glabilox are comparable to each other. The results of these studies indicated that Glycyrrhiza glabra saponins show great promise as safe and effective adjuvants.