Alteration of the electronic structure and the optical properties of graphitic carbon nitride by metal ion doping.


Energy Materials and Devices Laboratory, Department of Physics, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, M.H. 440033, India. Electronic address: [Email]


The photoluminescence quenching of graphitic carbon nitride (GCN) was systematically investigated with the doping of transition metal ions. The photoluminescence spectra of metal doped and pristine GCN were monitored and the trend of quenching efficiency was found to be Cu2+ > Co2+ > Mn2+. Interestingly, with the increasing doping concentration of different metal ions simultaneous red shift and luminescence quenching was determined in the photoluminescence spectra as well as increased absorption tail in longer wavelength hence enhancement in the bandgap. The change in the optical properties could be mainly due to structural reconstruction and doping induced electronic redistribution is discussed.


Energy,Graphitic carbon nitride,Luminescence,Optical properties,Photoluminescence,