An enhanced recyclable 3D adsorbent for diverse bio-applications using biocompatible magnetic nanomulberry and cucurbituril composites.


Department of Convergence Medicine, Asan Medical Institute of Convergence Science and Technology (AMIST), University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering Research Center, Asan Institute of Life Sciences, Asan Medical Center, 88 Olympicro-43gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. [Email]


Herein, we describe the synthesis of highly water-dispersible and biocompatible 3D adsorbents via a rapid two-step strategy employing a mesoporous magnetic nanomulberry-shaped Fe3O4 (MNM) on diatomaceous earth (DE) and cucurbituril (CB; MNM-DE-CB). Coating of CB on the surface of MNM-DE via hydrogen bonds not only enhanced the dispersibility of CB, but also improved the stability of MNM-DE. The ability of the adsorbent to remove dyes from water was investigated as a function of metal ions, solution pH, temperature, and concentration to determine optimum reaction conditions. Unlike MNM-DE, MNM-DE-CB exhibited highly efficient, rapid dye removal and recyclability in aqueous solution, and low cytotoxicity toward cancer cells in drug delivery tests. MNM-DE-CB is a promising green adsorbent with potential for diverse applications including water remediation, interface catalysis, bio-sample preparation, and drug delivery.

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